Christian Smith

AUSTIN, Texas — As someone who identifies as a “creative”, whenever I come across someone else who embodies all that it means to share these characteristics, it’s always inspiring. Our next Society guest is just that – a creative, a visionary – someone who look through a lens and capture all of us in the moments that make us unique. Please welcome, Christian Smith.

What You Need To Know

  • A native Texan, moving to Austin at the age of one.
  • Helps run the Riser Podcast here in the Capital City.
  • Is usually behind the lens of a camera.
Connect with Christian at — @christiansmithmedia

Christian was born in Corpus Christi but is considered a native austinite as he and his parents moved here when he was just 1. Growing up, his parents would often detail areas of the city and also where to avoid “Yeah my parents have really seen the city transition – growing up we would visit awesome places – but we were also told places to avoid” Christian explained. “Now as I’ve gotten older and my passions have expanded, I can truly see how the city has changed and how much it has to offer from a creative standpoint – so many people want to be part of this city and community, and that’s why Austin has been such a hub for continued success”

If you don’t know Christian, he’s typically behind the lens of a camera shooting Secret Disco Society events, Sphere and his main passion – the Riser Network.

“I had a teacher who told me I’d be the next Spielberg when I was a kid” he said with a laugh. “But yeah – In high school is really when I started to get involved with media creation on a super serious scale – I just knew I wanted to tell stories the rest of my life.”

As Christian is speaking, it’s easy to believe everything he says – his expertise and passion run deep, and you can literally hear it in his voice.

“Whenever I’m capturing a story – seeing the look on the other persons face is the authenticity I chase. I honestly just want to be a vessel from one story to the next” Christian explained.

I asked Christian how he heard about Secret Disco Society and what this has meant to the community of Austin that he has grown up with.

“I’m actual a newbie to Secret Disco to be honest” He says with a laugh “But from what I have seen the events are way above average and not the typical events that you see around town. I think someone told me about an event and that I had to go see it and it was amazing. Tanner really is a community builder.”

Tanner, like Christian is indeed just a vessel for creating connection and community. In looking deeper though, the core of what makes Secret Disco Society so special is what it means for this city. Christian described this perfectly.

“We all love this city and for there to be organizations like Secret Disco Society to be here – it’s just so critical for the growth of Austin” Christian explained. “Anyone can relate from stories and community connection and make it their own.”

Speaking of stories and connection – I couldn’t let him go without talking about his main project – Riser Network.

“So, Riser Network is a podcast and community-based network that Zach, Matt and I started – we really just wanted to tell the stories of awesome people in Austin. We also wanted to do so in a way that creating a premier networking community around meeting new people and enabling growth amongst us.”

Christian really goes above and beyond with all that he does. When you see him at events, his cameras, drones, his gear – all are movie level production quality. So, it comes as no surprise that everything he produces stems from his driving passion to be a journeyman storyteller.

As we all continue to attend Secret Disco Events – capturing these moments amongst friends – both new and old is essential to relieve those few hours in time where we are all together, enjoying each other’s company and feeling alive.  Thanks to Christian, our stories will continue to live on – we just hope he remembers us when he collaborates with Spielberg down the road.

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