Cooper DeArmond

We all typically have a special ability to see and view the world in slightly different shades depending on what our passion and goals are. Our next guest chooses to see what the world could be through his work and through his life.

Please welcome, Cooper.

What You Need To Know

  • Grew up on a cattle ranch.
  • Will wear heels while toting lots of guns.
  • Makes fast friends and travel plans with total strangers.
Connect with Cooper at — @coopydeville

Cooper and I snagged some coffee at Halcyon downtown and got into it.

“I grew up in a small town – being a cattle rancher with my family. The stereotypical country boy, living near the top of the panhandle. I was harvesting crops from age 10 to 19 or so and then ultimately decided I wanted to leave town for culinary school, then cosmetology school then community college!” We both laugh as Cooper describes his school fueled gauntlet of an educational journey.

His job is something Cooper is extremely passionate about, and his journey to where he is at now has stated in some interesting places.

“I’ve worked some odd jobs that’s for sure! I’ve been a nanny, helped event planners do setups and tear downs and met so many great people. I then started working in short term rentals for several years then went full in on event planning and interior design.” Cooper describes. “People may have seen me around High Brow Low Brow as I help with some of their events – that’s actually how I met Tanner and Brooklyn!

Austin has so many connections firing off at rapid speed – it’s one of the things that makes this big city so little, in a good way.

“It’s funny I’ve seen Austin grow from just the Frost Tower to what it is today – But I love that the city has still held its outdoorsy vibe – that’s my thing!

We pivot to his work and passions

“Interior design is my passion – I love doing consultations with people to get to know them and their personality – then finding out how to personalize their home for them and help with their budgeting and purchases. I think interior design is a very emotional thing – people should want to love the place they live – but I believe I can help those who may not know what they want – and help them find what they may not be able to express.”

I’ll be the first to admit – I do not have an eye for interior design – so hearing Cooper describe his creative process and how he visualizes the ‘art of the possible’ is truly exceptional.

“My eye for seeing things that other’s may not, really allows me to curate their needs – I love seeing their faces after I’ve built out what they didn’t think was possible.”

We close, in typical fashion. I ask him about some advice he would like to pass on.

“I need to give myself good advice first before others!” We both laugh. “I’d say the biggest thing is never saying no to trying new things. It’s very rare that I’ve tried anything new that I regret – if it is out of your comfort zone, you probably need to try it.”

I asked for examples…

“Well one time I met three random strangers at a bar and booked a cruise with them that night – we had a blast! But yeah, I’m just always up for anything.”

As we close, Cooper is the perfect example of leveraging the creative power of visualization through his work – he also applies this openness approach to his life – always being up for whatever the day has for him. Flowing – in and out of ideas, people, places, and passions. At the end of the day, in order for all of us to visualize what is possible – we need to take that first step out of the comfortable, and into the uncomfortable.

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