Jordan Wainwright

AUSTIN, Texas — Hey, have you heard? June is all PRIDE!

Seriously though, we are super excited to feature the LGBTQ community for ALL of June. With that being said, we are going to kick things off with this van traveling, apartment slinging badass chick who I’ve gotten to know deeply over the last few months. She also helped us coordinate many of the June features which we so greatly appreciate. Our goal is and always will be to tell your stories and what makes you, you.

With that said, Let’s do this!

Please welcome, Jordan.

What You Need To Know

  • Lived in Florida, New York, Corpus Christi, Austin, Brooklyn before coming back to Austin.
  • Traveled around the country in a van
  • Can find you the best apartment in Austin
Connect with Jordan at — @jordanwainwright_

Jordan and I snagged some tea over at Halcyon on a weekday afternoon and grabbed a couch in the corner and got into it.

“I’ve lived everywhere” Jordan says with a smile. “I was born in Florida, but I moved around quite a bit – from New York to Texas back to New York then back to Texas. The last time I lived in Austin before this time I was living out of a van that I would just park around. It was one of the best experiences ever because it was during covid and I could just pack up and drive around the state and the country, visiting different parks and getting some hiking in” Jordan explained.

One thing about Jordan that words can’t articulate is her genuine soothing tone when she speaks – it’s warming, welcoming and wise. It doesn’t matter what she talks about, every word holds weight and value.

We dig in a bit more on her work and what pulled her back to Austin.

“After Austin the first time, I moved back to New York for a previous relationship that just didn’t work out – then after that ended, I again came back to Austin” She detailed. “Since moving back to Austin I took over a new role with Apartment Hunters that allowed me to step up into a managerial type of role which has been amazing. It allows me to transfer energy and passion to helping others be their best, which I love”

I should mention, I had been going through some personal challenges that Jordan was aware and before we start talking about her story, she asked me question on how I was doing. This is part of what makes Jordan, Jordan. Her caring unwavering nature and support for others are woven so deeply in the fabric of who she is and it’s clear to see this translates to her work.

“This new job was a challenge for sure, but I never had any doubt because it allows me to be myself and do what I love the most. I love teaching and sharing advice on what has been helpful in my life and career to others. “Jordan explained.

I wanted to know more about this caring nature.

“I’ve always been a care giver type personality from a very young age. My Dad wasn’t around, and it was just me and my mom and I helped out raising my brothers – I just always gravitated towards helping people grow” She explained.

We pivot to Pride and her story of coming out.

“I grew up very, very Mormon – Like the strictest household you could imagine. Being gay was forbidden and people would throw slander around like it was nothing. The town I was from was very conversative so that always was a challenge” She detailed.

“I always knew I was into women, but on top of family and religion and being from a small town I knew I would lose a lot of people in my circle when I came out – and I did. Just because I was gay, I was never seen as equal to family and siblings. I felt less than” Jordan explained.

“So, I finally came out my Senior year of high school – I always came off super bubbly and was the ‘cool girl’ but that was just me expressing myself loudly because I couldn’t express who I truly was inside. To this day my grandmother still will try and say there’s a guy that’s made for me that will change my mind about who I am!” Jordan explains with a laugh.

As we end the conversation around her coming out and finally allowing herself to be who she is, Jordan pivots to why the LGBTQ community is truly such a special, safe and open place.

“The queer community is not just a community, it’s a family – the people I’m with are my chosen family and there’s no other connection like the LGBTQ group. It’s a safe space for people who felt like they were looked at differently – especially when people are coming after our rights. This family feels better than blood”

As I do when we typically close out interviews, I ask for a piece of advice that people would give others who may be struggling or need some guidance to find the right path for their life.

Without any disappointment, Jordan delivers.

“Your mentality is everything – if your mindset is negative, you get negative. If you’re positive and see the light opportunity will flow.”

As we officially close – I can’t help but love the person Jordan is even more than when we sat down. You can literally feel the tangible energy she has; her aura could be felt all the way across the room.

As I alluded to at the start of this article, it’s so fitting to have Jordan be our first guest for Pride. She helped us coordinate and curate the group of stories we will be sharing in June.

Per her nature– Jordan loves to love, cares to care – and truly is someone that would be friends with anyone. So, if you’re out somewhere and you feel a strong energetic force and feeling come over you, it’s likely that Jordan is in the room. Don’t fight that feeling, be comfortable with who you are – follow the feeling and go up and introduce yourself, I promise you’ll have a conversation that will lift your spirits and open your mind.

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