Lina Marz

AUSTIN, Texas — There’s always zero question that many people flock to Austin for our music scene. From old school grungy venues where you can smell the history from bands and nights prior, to upscale newly built venues with state-of-the-art visuals and acoustics – Austin provides all flavors of musical delight and it’s a driving force behind our next featured Society Member, Lina Marz.

What You Need To Know

  • Lina was born in Colombia and has lived in New Jersey and New York City.
  • She has a 11-year-old Morkie named Chloe and a Kleptomaniac cat named Sullivan.
  • Her crush on Bad Bunny that trumps all crushes.
  • Outside of DJing, Lina loves to be by the water, painting and helping animals.
  • Her favorite place to eat in Austin is Casa Colombia.
Connect with Lina at — @iluvlina

I met Lina on a Wednesday night which happened to be the same night as our Society photo shoot at Pouch 6 Studios. I arrived a bit early to get my photos out of the way so we could focus in on our members. Shortly thereafter, Lina walks in – wearing all black and smiling (as always). In full disclosure, Lina and I know each other well. We had met through Secret Disco Society as we typically see each other at the same events and have a few mutual friends. The one thing about Lina that is imperative for you to know is she’s always smiling. Lina also has a way to make you feel like smiling, even if you may not feel like it.

Once Lina arrived, we snagged some photos and I asked to pull her aside so we could sit and discuss her story in further detail. Pouch 6 Studios has a separate room where creators can record podcasts and has what I might argue as one of, if not the most comfortable chairs that have ever been constructed. With that said – Lina and I grab some champagne and start to get into what makes Lina, Lina.

Lina, a native of Cartagena Colombia – is no stranger to change. “I moved from Colombia to a small town in New Jersey when I was 11 and learned English in 6 months” Lina said. “Then I moved to New York City before landing in Austin in 2019”

Colombia, New Jersey, New York City – then Austin? Huh? I was intrigued and needed to know more. “You know, I had only visited Austin in 2016 once” Lina said with a smile. “but in 2019 I was in a really lost place.” Lina described. “I just fell in love with Austin and what the city had to offer, and it was just what I needed at that point in my life.”  After a short conversation with a friend who was living in the city, she packed up, grabbed Chloe her adorable Morkie and Sullivan her cat and hit the road.

Like many of us, Austin provides a sense of newness, adventure and a bridge to new beginnings, but an important piece of the puzzle to this new beginning is what Austin offers – Music and Community.

Lina is a Secret Disco Society Living Legend, an inaugural member if you will. “I was at the first Secret Disco Event ever!” Lina said with a big laugh. “I had no idea what to expect, but I had met Tanner through a friend and Tanner had watched Chloe a few times, so I thought – sure I’ll go and see what this is all about!’

Lina truly embodies what it means to be a Society member – she embraces everyone and always looks forward to having conversations with new people. “Looking back and seeing what it has become – one thing has always remained the same – inclusivity – all are welcome” Lina explained. “For me it’s seeing all the different crowds come together – but it’s also seeing how happy Tanner and Brooklyn are because they just love to connect people”

But connection of people is just one part of the equation, the other is of course – music. “Being from Colombia you learn to dance an escape from whatever might be going on in life” Lina explained. “When I started to listen to electronic music – it became such a big part of my life that I knew the next step was DJ’ing”

What? You mean you didn’t know? Yes – that’s right, Lina is not only a woman DJ, but also morphed into on the best DJs in the city. “I just knew something was missing for me – I had already built a brand for myself through electronic music with events and clothing, but really wanted to be behind the decks and wanted to represent females in music”

As Lina is describing this transition in her life, I’m sinking deeply into the most comfortable chair in the world with inspiration tangible connection.

“Music is therapy for me – I’ve been through a lot. When I DJ, nothing else matters. When I see people listening to the music I’m playing and giving me the same energy, I’m giving them through my shows – the feeling is un-matched” Lina described. “Music is my life’s passion”

As we closed out our interview, I could sense that Lina had been through a lot, as we all have at one point or time in our life. However, this Society, those feelings and those connections we have when our song comes on or we see a friend we haven’t seen in a while at an event is truly what makes Austin the music capital of the world.

As we leave for the night and Lina and I say goodbye to each other, I can’t help but feeling inspired by her journey and her goals. It’s a reminder to all of us that sometimes in life we need to change it up and it doesn’t matter when in our life we do that. What matters is that we take that step towards whatever passion and inspiration looks like for us all.

So, the next time you see Lina at an event, don’t ask her to play a song during her set (seriously people, DJs don’t like that!) – but do ask her if she wants to dance once her set is complete, I promise you – the answer will never be no.

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