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AUSTIN, Texas — Before we get into today’s feature, thank y’all so much for the support yesterday – we love Jordan, and we’re glad you love her too.

Speaking of Jordan – our next guest was introduced to us by her. As mentioned in yesterday’s article – Jordan helped us curate some of our June Pride features and she didn’t disappoint.

Let’s get into it!

This one hand clapping, ex-ballet dancing, fundraising society member represents what it means to do good for others.

Please welcome, Logan.

What You Need To Know

  • Grew up in Louisiana before moving to Austin.
  • Ex ballet dancer.
  • Can clap with one hand.
  • Finds inspiration through philanthropic efforts.
Connect with Logan at — @loganeatsbutter

Logan and I snagged time during a recent photo shoot to dig a bit deeper into his story.

“I grew up in a small town in Louisiana and moved to Austin for work opportunities – it helped that I hade some family here as well.” Logan explained. “Austin is quite different from the town that I grew up in that’s for sure!”

I asked more about his up-bringing and his story.

“I grew up in the stereotypical rural south small town with my family. I had a great relationship with my mom, our bond was amazing – but my father struggled with homophobia which made it difficult.” Logan detailed. “However, as I started to gain personal and professional success, my father came to respect what I was building, and things started to change.”

Logan’s voice as he’s describing his upbringing is heavy with authenticity and a touch of sadness.

“Being Gay where I was from was always a big elephant in the room – but over time, my father started to say, ‘tell me more’ and wanted to know more about who I was dating and tried to learn more about who I was.”

We love to see this type of progress and openness – changing perception and beliefs can be challenging, but once you start to navigate this new path – it can be freeing.

However, this progress was short lived due to some un-imaginable circumstances.

“Unfortunately, my parents passed away in a car accident in Costa Rica – I had to fly out there to help take care of things and get them back here to the US – it was absolutely devastating”

The heaviness and touch of sadness Logan started to express is now tangible in the room.

“They had over 1,000 people show up at their funeral – my father was very philanthropic in his community and seeing all of these people show up to his funeral inspired me to think differently about what I wanted to do with my time and my life” Logan explains with a sense of optimism. “It really hit home and caused me to want to be remembered for helping to build a community, not just as someone people may know around town.”

Unimaginable events have a way of awakening and opening all the senses to evoke new, refreshed ideas and purpose. Logan has gone though something most of us have not – and has found inspiration form tragedy in a way that will make the world a better place – we all should aspire to do such things.

“It’s been a long road – when I came to terms with how to handle grief, that’s really what helped push me into the community here in Austin and lean heavily into my friends.” Logan explained. “To make things worse, I was recently laid off from my company of 6 years and that really hit me hard as well. That job was my outlet for grief and once it was gone – I knew I had to find a better, more fulfilling outlet – I asked myself what something was I could do to charge myself and feel good. That’s when I committed my time to non-profits and volunteering with local charities like Unite the Fight Gala and The Equality Alliance

The passion and inspiration from Logan as he talks about his community volunteering can be seen deep in the fabric of who he is.

We close in my typical fashion – what advice would you give to others who might be lost, or off course?

“Productivity and pride can combat grief and depression” Logan explains with a smile. “When you are feeling down and defeated by obstacles – you need to dig yourself out and find happiness in yourself and what inspires you – not in other people. You have to.. no.. you MUST create your own happiness”

Logan and I close the interview, but that’s not where the night ends. After everyone has left the photo studio. Logan, Tanner, Brooklyn and myself head out to grab some food and talk about how we might be able to help create an event and fundraising for some of the community efforts Logan is working on.

As I listen to his ideas and listen to him talk about raising money and support for others within the community, it’s clear to see that his mother and father’s spirts live on through Logan. Logan’s desire to help others and follow his parents’ footsteps is truly inspiring and selfless and there’s no question his father remains by his side… saying… ‘tell me more…’

If you’d like to donate and support Logan’s fundraising efforts – please visit https://theequalityalliance.ejoinme.org/donations and select ‘Team logan’ at checkout.

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9 months ago

We all are so very proud of Logan. His kindness is the gift he shares with all.

Brooklyn Browning
Brooklyn Browning
9 months ago

Such an inspiration. This article gave me chills!

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