Mason Morrow

AUSTIN, Texas — Look! Up in the sky! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s Superman! It’s… our next guest!

Please welcome this 5:30AM rising, workout and yoga fanatic, airplane flying next guest – Mason.

What You Need To Know

  • Wakes up at 5:30 Am daily
  • Workouts and yoga everyday without fail.
  • Future commercial airline pilot.
Connect with Mason at — @spaceymasey_

Mason and I grabbed some time at Halcyon on the east side and got down into it.

“I’m originally from Texas, about one hour east from here. I’m one of three kids and the youngest by a lot (I may have been a surprise!). Mason explained with a laugh. “I’m close to my family, especially my sister who is also gay. She’s been with the same person now for years”

Like many of our guests, Mason and his siblings grew up with religious parents.

“We all grew up in a big non-denominational church – I was actually a worship leader all throughout high school. I came out right at 18, like I was saying about my sister previously – the water was already wet so my parents knew what was coming” Mason described. “We as a family have a good relationship now which has been great to see.”

After Mason came out – he knew what his path was in life and made all efforts possible to follow his passion – flying.

“Not only did I come out when I was 18, I also went to school and got my private pilot’s license at the same time. I wanted to get my license to fly commercial but I had some health issues that prevented me from doing so. In the meantime, I pivoted into real estate, and it’s honestly been great. I’ve been able to build a solid life for myself around commercial and residential real estate – but at the end of the day, I was put on this earth to fly”

Mason’s energy shifts when he talks about flying which is visible and tangible. It reminds me that many of us maybe don’t like the job we have – but we are good at it, so we keep doing it. However, true happiness comes from a more fulfilling place – finding, as Mason says – what we were put on this earth to do. That one thing that fully fills up our glass with self-actualization and happiness.

“Thankfully, I recently jumped through the last hoop I needed to for my commercial license so I’m on my way to getting there.”

Mason paused, then continued.

“Some people are good at working in front of computers, others are good at doing different type of jobs – but this is what I’m good at and what I love.” Mason detailed with conviction. “With airplanes you must control it with your whole body – it really becomes part of you when you’re up there. I love being in that pilot’s seat and being the one controlling where we are going. Ask any of my friends if we are going anywhere, I want to drive and I want to drive fast… and let’s be honest – flying is fucking cool”

Indeed, it is Mason! We love to see this type of passion and energy from the folks we talk with.

We close in the typical fashion – what’s some advice you’d give to others or your younger self.

“Finding out exactly what you want to do – picturing and envisioning yourself doing it is the first step. Everything else you’ll figure out on your own as you start the process. Setting deadlines and keeping yourself accountable is also important – map out what the next one, two, three years look like” Mason explains. “A lot of people never figure out what they want to do so I feel lucky – and it’s always important to setup out of your comfort zone. My mom always said it best ‘do it scared, and that’s okay – be worried if you’re not scared.’ I try to live by that advice.”

Masons vision and dream has never wavered – he practices what he preaches and that will lead him to continued success and happiness. So, the next time you walk into that plane for your work trip or vacation, look to your left – you may see Mason behind the controls and if you do – feel at ease, because this is what he was meant to do.

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