Mike Cuccaro

AUSTIN, Texas — In spending time on Instagram, one typically comes across various types of content. From photos, to videos to reels to selfies – the possibilities are always endless. However, if you’ve been lucky enough – you may have come across an account called ‘@reel_daddy

What You Need To Know

  • Mike was born in Long Island, New York and also lived in Florida before moving to Austin
  • Mike loves fitness and is an avid member at Squatch Frontier Fitness
  • Mike has a passion for connecting people and networking
  • Mike has been a Secret Disco Society Member since 2020
Connect with Mike at — @reel_daddy @rumortrueofficial

A cool name? For sure. Great reel content? You betcha.

Reel Daddy is an account run by the one and only, Mike Cuccaro, and the only thing better than his accounts name is the content that he creates. A self-titled “Connector of People”, Mike’s content embraces all that connection is and should be. His reels and videos offer high quality views into some of the best social events that Austin has to offer.

Mike grew up in Long Island, New York and Florida (a snowbird from an early age) before joining the Army and giving ten years of his life to serving and protecting our country.

But – what is one to do after serving proudly and patriotically? Move to Austin, of course. “Yeah I mean, I just wanted to live in an area that I could network and meet people. In 2016 I booked a one way ticket during SXSW and jumped in with both feet” Mike said.

After spending time in Austin, Mike discovered Secret Disco Society after a friend of a friend mentioned some of the events. “I continued to hear about events, and it was just a great place to run into all of my friends at once place” He detailed.

Mike himself is working on a project called Rumor True, which is a community that focuses on priority invitations to exclusive events and experiences. “Yeah, I just love to build communities and have amazing people around me.” Mike described.

Outside of community building, Mike is big into fitness, a frequent visitor Squatch Frontier Fitness and a lover of extreme cold and heat experiences by way of cold plunges and saunas.

Mike is the definition of what it means to be a ‘Society’ member. Secret Disco Society is about fostering connections and bringing out the best of who we are, as a community. Mike embodies all of this.

So, the next time you see Mike at a Secret Disco Event, be sure to say hello, thank him for his service – and ask “can I be in your next reel?”

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