Sarah Molinaro

AUSTIN, Texas — If you follow our next guest on Instagram, there’s a few subtle hints to know that she’s all gas, no breaks. First – you’ll likely see her dry scooping pre-working on the daily. Second, in addition to the dry scoop – she always has a Celsius in hand (Though we are trying to fully migrate her to Somi ). Finally, she’s always dropping reels and post about lifting big weight, staying fit and eating right.

Please welcome our super caffeinated next guest, Sarah Molinaro.

What You Need To Know

  • Has lived in Atlanta, Indiana and Utah before coming to Austin.
  • Loves soccer and fitness.
  • OG Celsius drinker but migrating to Somi.
  • BIG dry scoop girl
Connect with Sarah at — @sarah.molinarooo

Sarah and I snagged time together at a recent society photo shoot and talked it out. We started with the basics.

“So I was born in Atlanta but moved when I was 6 months old to Indiana, then we moved again to Park City Utah and that’s where I spent most of my childhood.” Sarah said. “I lived in Park City till 8th grade then we moved to Texas which was a bit hard as most of my OG friends were in Utah – I still talk to them daily, they are friends who are family”

As Sarah details her childhood it’s clear to see that these people are still very much the cornerstone of her circle.

“When we got to Texas, I stayed open minded – but was still devastated because it meant moving away form my tight knit circle. Texas was just so much bigger than anything I experienced in Utah so I was a bit apprehensive, especially when it came to playing soccer”

Sarah is also a coach and captain for sphere here in Austin, and soccer has and always will be a big part of her life – She dug a bit deeper around her challenging playing soccer here in the lone state.

“I sort of felt lost with soccer once getting to Texas – towards my senior year in high school it just wasn’t enjoyable for me anymore, so I left the game. I ended up going to Texas State, but two weeks in I hated it and decided to leave and ultimately ended up going to St. Edwards and sort of became rejuvenated with my love and passion for Soccer and played for the school”

A full circle soccer journey? We love to see it. But what about soccer now post graduating?

“I haven’t really seen or felt the love of the game like I did in Utah till I started playing sphere here in Austin” Sarah said with a big smile. “In Utah we all would play soccer, hangout and do things together – it was one big community – sphere embodies all of that and has brought me back to who I am as a person” Sarah says with deep empathy.

But sphere is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to Sarah and her love for fitness.

“Fitness Is my number one priority now – I’m training a few clients now and working towards have my own type of training and fitness gym / community. I really want to create a safe environment where people feel welcome and comfortable to take the first step towards their fitness goals. If you can take that first step into something uncomfortable in a safe, fun environment – you’ll see results and you will be on the path to live your best life.”

One thing I know that I didn’t before speaking with Sarah is her passion for fitness is extremely high and what drives her each day to be her best in both body and mind. It’s great seeing society members who are so focused on living their best life through health and fitness because at the end of the day, we only have one body and mind – we need to remember to take care of as it will be our vessel throughout the entirety of our time here on this tiny rock circling the sun.

We must always remember that it’s never too late to dip our toes into the fitness waters. Sometimes, you just need to wake up – slam Celsius or a Somi and a dry scoop – and just start moving.

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