Spencer Block

AUSTIN, Texas — One of the best things about James Bond is his witty, humorous demeanor that typically gets him out of sticky situations time and again – From shaken martinis to quick wit one liner comebacks – James Bond has become a relatable symbol in pop culture over the last 70 years.

So, what does that have to do with our next guest? Well, maybe a lot, maybe nothing. Maybe he could tell us, but would have to kill us.

Please welcome our next guest, Spencer Block.

What You Need To Know

  • Born in Dallas, but has lived in China before coming to Austin.
  • BIG UT and Dallas Cowboy Football Guy.
  • Highly likely that he’s a spy.
Connect with Spencer at — @lil_suspence_

We will get to the spy stuff in a second, but first – let’s meet Spence.

“So I was born in Dallas and came to Austin for school (UT baby!). I majored in International Relations with a Minor in Asian Studies” Spencer described.

Here’s where I first start thinking Spencer is a undercover spy.

“Originally, I wanted to be a diplomat – I studied abroad in China my junior year of college which was amazing. The classes there were incredibly hard but we always got Friday off which was cool – we would use that time to explore the city and discover hidden micro brews and art galleries” Spencer explained.

Hmm – Time off, finding hidden things in China.. Am I talking to a real life 007?

“I actually worked as a door man and a club promoter for a while too!” Spencer said with a smile and a giggle. “I told some of the club owners that I would always roll with 10 people or so and they asked if I wanted to help bring other people in”

The plot thickens…

“After some time – I took the test with the state department to become a diplomat but never heard back – so from there I pivoted to a translation job from a company there after I applied and past some tests – luckily I was accepted and moved to China after graduation to start working – but that was short lived as my Visa was going to expire – so I moved back to Dallas.”

Okay – now I’m convinced. If Spencer WAS working for the state department and a spy, there’s no way he COULD tell us, right?

“Once I got back to Dallas I really had trouble landing a job – I actually found a start up here in Austin and applied – I was offered the job and moved back to Austin which I was excited about” Spencer said.

We put a pause on the Spy talk and get down to his time here in the Capital City.

“Once in Austin, I was so far removed from college that I didn’t really have any friends in the city anymore. I was going out by myself and not really meeting any new people – that’s when a co-worker during COVID told me about sphere – he pretty much just said go to Zilker at 6:30 and look for people in pink playing soccer. I met Tanner and the rest is history.”

You can sense sphere means a lot to Spencer – and that his connection with the community is real, tangible and has helped him tremendously.

“From sphere I started going to the Secret Disco events because I love music so much.” Spencer explains with genuine tone. “Music is really my form of meditation – I’ve had some mental health struggles over the years and music helps me cope. I started playing piano at a young age and moved into percussion – it’s helped me so much with my ADD and I still play on a pad in my room before a big meeting or if I’m stressed”

We love to see music as an outlet for stress and inspiration.

“The best part about Secret Disco has been connecting with everyone there, especially the DJs. Growing up learning music theory and listening to classical music it’s been so cool seeing how DJ’s compose sets. I spent time with Dustin (Dillz) recently and he let me curate my own set which took me forever!” Spencer explains with a big laugh. “But it was so awesome to see the process – Music has and will always be part of my life”

Okay let’s think about this for a second – International Relations Major, spent time in China as a translator – enjoys going to SECRET Disco parties – he will never admit it, but Spencer could be the real life 007…

In all seriousness – Spencer is one of those people who no matter what day, what is going on or who is around him – the guy is always happy. Not to mention he only has one speed when playing soccer, SPORT MODE! – He’s always 100MPH or nothing.

Spencer represents the heartbeat of what Secret Disco Society is, and what this community should aspire to be. Open, honest and embracing connection.

As we end the interview we hug it out – I turn around to walk away and look back quickly, but Spencer has vanished – as any true spy would do – and all I can visualize is him walking up to a bar, ordering a martini and saying – Block.. Spencer Block.

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